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Multichannel digital analyzers is a high-performance, fast(response) device with a standard PC, intended for checking and characterization of digital circuits. Carries out grouping of input channel in serial bus.

Analyzer's  operates in two different modes: 
  • internal synchronization mode(at recording of input data is used the internal clock frequency oscillator);
  • external synchronization mode (at recording of input data is used the external clock frequency oscillator)

 Multichannel digital analyzer includes: 

  • module of the logical analyzer;
  • personal computer (PC);
  • software. 


Analyzer's modifications Number of input channelClock frequencyNumber of analog inputs
DA 16/20,40,80 1620,40,80  --------
DA 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  --------
DA-À1 16/20,40,80  1620,40,80  
DA-À2 16/20,40,80  1620,40,80  
DA-À1 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  
DA-À2 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  
DA-À3 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  
DA-À4 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  

 Modifications DA-A1…DA-A4 have the additional opportunity to measure the analog signal from 10 mV to 10 V.


Memory capacity of data acquisition for one channel 128 Kb
Program decoding of serial bus RS 232, SPI. 12C
PC connection LPT
DC Supply voltage from external source 5V
Max. power consumption 5W
User interface WINDOWS 95/98/NT/XP

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