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 The LSCS is intended for maintenance of simplex loud-speaking communication between the removed from each other systems. 

Communication between equipment LSCS is carried out in any combination by two-wire and four-wire lines or phone channels of automatic telephone exchange (ATE). 

It is one of components of operatively-technological communication system and can be used everywhere, where there is a necessity of people communication, connected by a uniform technological chain: in the industrial enterprises, in administration building, station and entertaining complexes, offices and etc. 

Two modifications of the loud-speaking equipment are produced: 

  • LSCS-1, used at a single-channel two-side loud speaking communication


 LSCS-8 –equipment providing 8 channel loud speaking communication 


LSCS provides: 

  • Transmission from built-in or external noise-resistant microphones with the indicating lamp for transmission mode turning on;
  • Transmission reception on the built- in loudspeaker of the device and/or an external active loudspeaker with the possibility of loudness level control. Information reception is made at the released button or talk-listen button;
  • Automatic transition on DC supply (accumulator) with the 12V voltage at switching-off of AC network;

 LSCS - 8 has conference communication mode between channels. 


Operating band of receiving and transmitting amplifiers 300...3400 Hz 
Output power of receiving amplifier 1 W 

Power consumption from network no more than

one channel  3 W
8 channels   6 W


Supply voltage of AC source 220 V 
Supply voltage from DC source 12 V 
Output voltage of transmitting amplifier 
1,1 V 
Active resistance of connecting line no more than 
600 Ohm
Operating mode round-the clock 

Overall dimensions:

LSCS-1  150x148x70mm
LSCS-8 280x1165x80mm


Mass no more than:   

LSCS-1  1 kg
LSCS-8  kg

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 It is intended for providing of reliable and qualitative communication between two and more unites of the remote and hard-to-reach areas by using of GSM communication net. The system ignores increasing of expenditures dependence on distance between unites, giving bidirectional digital connection and a wide spectrum of possible interfaces of digital and analogue modules, the control and data acquisition in real time for organization of monitoring and control of unitary assemblies.

Universality of the system allows operate with products of world manufacturers: industrial engineering, various types of transmitters of pressure and temperatures, controlled systems of launchers.  





Provides control of difficult technological systems. 

Use of the developed software allows creating a server, operating simultaneously with autonomous systems, ready to operate with difficult industrial,  security and other units.

Systems’ advantages: 

  • ease and cheapness of program and hardware base changes;
  • increasing of functionality without system substitution;
  • possibility of use of  backup communication channels;
  • operation with various industrial protocols.  

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The neon transformer "SPEKS" is intended for neon lamp switching ON/OFF. 

Neon lamp

Transformers “SPEKS” (flowable), which haven’t any analog in the world, provide smooth filling glow in tubes (effect of glow flow). 

 neon transformer

 Due to new constructive solutions the device differs from traditional transformers with subminiature weight, high reliability and efficiency up to 65 % energy.

The transformer has the integrated protection at blowout and short circuit in secondary circuit, at false disconnecting under the influences of capacitive current. In case of fivefold repetition of blowout and short circuit modes the transformer is disconnected automatically. 



Primary current  180...240 V
Value of input current at maximum load  0,45 A
Output voltage  1500...10 000V
Secondary current  30 mA
Operation temperature range  minus 400C...+400C
Overall dimensions  100x49x36 mm
Weight  0,28 kg
Length of high-voltage terminal  800 mm

   Dim lights


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The laboratory measuring complex of antennas is intended for the automated measurement of small-size antennas parameters. It is recommended for equipping of educational laboratories of radio engineering high schools.

Complex includes:
  • The two-co-ordinate rotary system  (RS);
  • Radio measuring equipment;
  • Computer system of control and data processing

  Two-co-ordinate rotary system of antenna  

Rotary angle range:   
   - by azimuth  ± 360º
   - by elevation  45º± 60º
Accuracy of reading rotary angle:   
   - by azimuth  10 angle min
   - by elevation  10 angle min
Angular velocity of rotation:   
   - by azimuth  0,5 rpm
   - by elevation  0,5 rpm
Rotation discreteness:   
   - by azimuth  1angle min
   - by elevation  1angle min
Operation mode of azimuthal and elevation gears   remote, programmable, manual
Maximum mass of mounting antenna  200 N
Rod motion of the antenna vertical conveyance  500 mm


Radio measuring equipment:  

Composition and cost of radio measuring equipment is defined on the customer's request by sensitivity and operating frequency range of equipment.

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 It is intended for increasing of GSM mobile communication service zone in places with a low level. 


Repeater’s using allows provide a reliable phone communication in places with impossible communication for some reason.
To a category of such places are referred so-called, "shadow areas" - basements, hangars, shopping centers, vestibules, or premises with thick walls.
The repeater amplifies a signal and allows stabile phone communication reducing risk of its loss or interruption at the lowest signal level.


-decrease of a microwave irradiation of the subscriber at the cost of a power decreasing, demanded for reliable reception;
- increasing of accumulator work duration without recharging of a battery.

At base station direct visibility the repeater installation is simple and does not demand the special equipment.

Delivery complete set:


  • transceiver module.............. 1pc.; 
  • antenna as "wave duct".........1pc.;
  • connecting cables. 

 It is possible manufacturing of antennas with a spectral radiation (reception of three operators is provided) on the customer's request. 



Communication standard  GSM 900 
Power supply (220±10%) V 
Maximal output power 200 mW 
Gain factor 35 dB 
Noise factor no more than 5 dB
Irregularity of amplitude-frequency characteristic ± 1,5 dB
Power consumption not more than 10 W
Size 210x150x140 mm
Weight 600 g
Operation temperature range  +5...+50 °C 
Antennas connector type CР-50-159ФВ
Number of subscribers
      - at call waiting up to 75

Number of subscribers’ conversations in a service area of a repeater is 25. 

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