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It is intended for exchange rate indication. The information is indicated on  seven-segment light indicator which causes the height of digits.

Data input and control is carried by: 

  • three buttons, arranged on the side face of board; 
  • the infrared remote control (distance between board and remote control up to 10m ); 
  • the personal computer with the  standard sequence  port  RS232. 

The board allows to storage the last input information at  switched OFF mode.

Four modification of boards are produced, which have got 3, 4, 6 and 10 demonstration lines with the  information of sell and  buy correspondingly: MARKET-3; MARKET-4; MARKET-6; MARKET-10, 

MARKET-6 and MARKET-10 are equipped by electronic clock and calendar (date and month). The electronic clock and calendar may be installed on other  modifications  too on the customer's request.
The amount of demonstration lines may be done by the  special order.



AC supply voltage    200...240V
Sizes of digits of date and calendar  20/45mm
Height of exchange rate digits  20mm

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The board is intended for demonstration of current information about game during competitions at enclosed space. It is can be used at the other sports game too.


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It is microprocessor software-programmable device with the display.The device consists of light-emitting elements blocks (LEEB), on which the advertising-information animations are indicated in GIF format .  

Each LEEB is matrix [16x16] from two-colored LED of red and green colors.The third color is yellow, which is deduced by simultaneous switching on of red and green light-emitting diodes.
Board is made from 3 rows and 7 columns of LEEB.  Number of rows and columns of LEEB can be changed on the customer's order.

  Information input on board is carried out by:

  • PC, compatible with IBM PC through three-strand cables, which has RS232 standard port. The special package of program operates in WINDOWS;
  • built in computer with connection of monitor to board, floppy drive and keyboard.

 The files with advertising - information messages are stored on non-volatile memory of the board in g*.gif format and is indicated on the board at it switching ON with cycling.

The current time which is corrected by PP is automatically indicated on the board, after each advertising-information message.
Software of the board allows to simulate operation of the board on the monitor and if necessary to enter changes without viewing on the board.


Supply voltage 190...250V
Power consumption of one LEEB 11W
Luminous intensity 0,9mcd
Diameter of LEE 10mm
Distance between elements centers by vertical and horizontal 15mm
Height of the rows at line realization225mm
LEEB sizes240x240mm

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"BUREG" is the microprocessing software-controlled equipment with the display, composed of light-emitting elements  blocks(LEEB). Each LEEB is the matrix with 16 lines and 16 elements.The LEEB amount may be from 4 to 512 number, on the customer's order. It's can be arranged  in one  or few  lines. On the display is possible to paint the alphabetic-digital information with the punctuation marks and graphic information. It is possible to use Armenian, Russian, English letters and digits of three sizes (8, 13 and16 elements height).

Information to the board  is transferred as static information with given time interval and creeping line:

  • from right to left; 
  • from left to right;
  • from up to bottom; 
  • from bottom to up;

 The different effects are possible too.

The device has got memory, with autonomy feeding, that  allows to storage the last information at switch off. The entering of information to the board is carried out from the PC, compatible with IBM PC, through triple-core cable with sequence port RS 232.In case of need, entering of information is possible to carry out by phone or wireless communication via telephone modem or radio modem correspondingly. 

Three modifications of unicoloured ("BYUREGH-U") and two multicolored ("BYUREGH-M")  are produced:

 " BUREG-U   15/5";   " BUREG-U    7/5";   " BUREG-U  15/12";
 " BUREG-M    7/5";   " BUREG-M   15/12".


Voltage of an alternating current  190…250 V
Power consumption of one LEEB  11 W
Luminous intensity  0,9 mcd
Diameter of LED  5 mm; 10 mm

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The system of staff's work-time registration is intended for the automatic registration of the staff’s work time and organization of checking of the visits  to enterprise.
The implementation of this system gives the opportunity to increase access control of enterprise and get the information about  visitors, and also about the current number of people in each department.

 System composition: 

  • special cards;
  • device  of cards read-out;
  • personal computer.

The special cards are given to employees of company. Clock number and registered a code of employee is indicated on card, corresponding to the department. For company visitors also have stipulated cards, with clock  number of departments, where he is visiting.The visitor gets the cards on the control post of company at enter to the territory and give in after visiting.

The device of cards  read-out is installed at the control post of company and each one should register oneself at coming and going. 

The system has provided with lighting and sound alarm, signaling about erroneous actions of card users.
Read-out of cards connect with computer, which dislocate in office,  where to take stock of attendance.
If the LAN is presence in enterprises, then the computer can be connect with LAN and the guide can be informed  attending.

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