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The given system is intended for registration of telephone conversation.

The implementation of the given systems provides protection of unapproved access and enables to: 

  • determine automatically call and number of subscriber;
  • carry out automatically registration of date, time and phone conversation duration. 

Simultaneous recording of the incoming and oncoming messages up to 8 channels is carried out.
Listening of current conversation and archiving of speech information is carried out.
Has an opportunity to make recording of telephone conversations on a hard disk, to archive and delete earlier recorded conversations.

The main units of the system : 

  • IBM PC with monitor;
  • IBM PC with monitor;
  • Digital input /output board;
  • Unit of analogue-digital processing (ADP);
  • Interface cables;
  • Software.

 The given system is used in automatic telephone exchange, exchange, banks, air services, security systems, military services, telecommunication systems etc.


Number of telephone channels  8
Bussed interface  ISA-16
Clock rate  10 kHz
Frequency range  300…3400 Hz
Dynamic range  not less than     65 dB
Infiltration factor between channels  minus 70 dB
Input impedance  2,4 kOhm
Power supply of ADC unit  220 V

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The "PIANO" cryptosystem provides protection safe PC communication, based on a principle asymmetric criptographic. In the “PIANO” cryptosystem,  the length of a confidential session encryption key may be established by the user on a desirable degree of protection: 128, 256, 512, 1024 bits.

At an exchange, the document is encrypted by a confidential key (Diffie-Hellmans algorithm) and the digital signature (RSA algorithm) is added to it according to the chosen degree of protection. 

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Software "CONTRACT" is intended for the forming, registration and saving of contracts and agreements.

It has order book, giving the full information about: 

  • orders and customers;
  • contractor and departments participating an the works execution;
  • stores of  ready  production, materials and complications;
  • suppliers.

The user can easily enter the detailed information about orders  and receive corresponding information by the friendly interface .

For providing of software functioning  are necessary the following minimal complex of technical means:

* IBM PC compatible computer;
* RAM 8 MB;
* minimum10 Mb free place on HDD;
* OC Windows 95.

Software is accessible for the each user, who can operate by Windows 95.


Extra  possibilities:

Limitations (password insertion) to baseline access may be included on program.   


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The system is intended for organizing information service with N subscribers and M operators of phone lines.
The telephone I&R system operates by phone controllers, corresponding to the Microsoft TAPI standards.


The system provides following possibilities: 

  • detecting of the  incoming  call;
  • automatic number identification of subscriber;
  • time filling of subscriber until connection to operator;
  • connection to the free operator;
  • contact the operator - subscriber in case of the free operator;
  • information about the connection (start, end, operator's number) and conversations recording;
  • monthly report about of calls number;
  • archive of the conversations.


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It is a hardware-software complex, provided automated preparation and automatic playback of the specialized voice messages ATIS.
The device is interfaced with airdrome radio station or transmitting amplifier for cyclic transfer of the message to  crew of planes. The message is transferred in Russian, English, or in two languages.
While operator prepares the message, he uses only keyboard and display of computer. The message is reproduced    by a voice of the announcer. Therefore the choice of a working place does not require sound insulated room.
The requirements to technical qualification of the operator in a part of "computer" preparation are minimal, time necessary for training the personnel usually makes from tens of minutes up to several hours.

 The device includes:

* IBM PC with  Sound Blaster; 
* interface with   telegraph - telex line; 
* interface with the transmitting amplifier; 
* software;
* the description and operation.

On the customer's order

Means of restriction of  unauthorized access to the device (introduction of the passwords, recording of authorship of the messages) can be included  in  system.
The reserve sets of the equipment can be included, printer, and also source of uninterrupted power (UPS) with respec-tive alteration of cost of delivery.

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