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We are offering the VSWR sensor (measuring bridge(MB1)) and detector head (DH1), which are used in a set with measuring units (sweep frequency generator (SFG) and indicator unit (Я2Р-70) of P2-102 device.

Designation  of P2-102 device are:  panoramic displaying on the indicator  and measurement of VSWR frequency characteristics and attenuation of elements of the coaxial tract. It is used in laboratory and enterprises bay at measurement and adjustment of VSWR parameters and attenuation of various microwave devices.

VSWR sensor is a measuring bridge (MB1),which forming signal  proportional to reflection coefficient of the measured device in cross-section of a measuring connector at the expense of comparison of a reflected signal from internal reference loading with a signal, reflected from the measured device. The formed signal of unbalance is detected on the built - in detector and transferred in the measuring block. 
It is 6dB resistance divider formed by three resistors; resistance of each is equal to a wave impendence of a coaxial line (50 Ohm).



 VSWR sensor (MB1) parameters 

Operating frequency 0,01…2,14 GHz  
VSWR measurement range 1,05 - 14,0  
Tract's size 7/3,04 mm  
Dynamical range 40 dB  

Detector head (DH1) it intended for formation of low-frequency signals proportional to the power level of the microwave signals.
It is used for measurement of the module of transmission coefficient , amplification, attenuation, and for power measurement. Due to using of special designs (with the built - in amplifier with frequency F0=100 kHz) and resent element base the detector head has a bandwidth of frequencies and measured powers, small irregularity amplitude-frequency characteristics, low value of VSWR input.

DH1 Parameters
Frequency range 0,01...4 GHz
Measurable power range  minus 20...60 dBm
Limit of effective range of attenuation 0…40dB
Wave impendence  50 Ohm
Input VSWR, no more than  1,2
Tract’s size  7/3,04 mm
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Automated control system of technological processes (ACS TP) is intended for: automation of data collection about of complex defused   complexes of the process equipment and for management of manufacturing process, maintenance of an optimum operating mode of technological apparatuses and accounting of the intermediate data, formation and output of the accounting and archival documentation, diagnostic of the measuring equipment.

The flexible modular structure of  ACS TP  allows providing for each technological object an optimum level of automation, sufficient for effective and safety carrying out of manufacturing process.
We are offering development and adaptation of the software of  ACS TP  under orders of clients with reference to concrete object and equipment.
The implementation of the given system allows to:

  • automate manufacturing process;
  • provide a remote control and management;
  • improve conditions and increase safety of work.

 On the central computer the opportunity of management by the manufacturing process from a computer and archiving of the data, the printing of reports and other processes are carried out.

The quantity of controller is determined by demands of the manufacturing process. The controller can operates as in composition of a complex under the control of the central computer, and is independent with an opportunity of manual input of parameters.
The software of the controller develops for a concrete manufacturing process.
Controller includes:

  • measuring unit which includes channels of temperature measurement with thermistor sensor such as NTC 10k (up to 24), channels of analogue signals (up to 8) measurement, channel of voltage and a current measurement (on one), electrically untied from the system;
  • control unit by which the control of four clock step motor (one channel), thyristor module (3 phases) and managing keys such as « dry contact » (up to 8) is carried out.
  • processing unit;
  • unit of indication and communication interface with computer.
The information transmission from controller to the computer and reception of control commands is carried out by using of standard RS232 or RS4222 interfaces.

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Multichannel digital analyzers is a high-performance, fast(response) device with a standard PC, intended for checking and characterization of digital circuits. Carries out grouping of input channel in serial bus.

Analyzer's  operates in two different modes: 
  • internal synchronization mode(at recording of input data is used the internal clock frequency oscillator);
  • external synchronization mode (at recording of input data is used the external clock frequency oscillator)

 Multichannel digital analyzer includes: 

  • module of the logical analyzer;
  • personal computer (PC);
  • software. 


Analyzer's modifications Number of input channelClock frequencyNumber of analog inputs
DA 16/20,40,80 1620,40,80  --------
DA 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  --------
DA-À1 16/20,40,80  1620,40,80  
DA-À2 16/20,40,80  1620,40,80  
DA-À1 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  
DA-À2 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  
DA-À3 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  
DA-À4 32/20,40,80  3220,40,80  

 Modifications DA-A1…DA-A4 have the additional opportunity to measure the analog signal from 10 mV to 10 V.


Memory capacity of data acquisition for one channel 128 Kb
Program decoding of serial bus RS 232, SPI. 12C
PC connection LPT
DC Supply voltage from external source 5V
Max. power consumption 5W
User interface WINDOWS 95/98/NT/XP

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The controller by technological processes is indented for organization of remote switching ON/OFF,controlling and measuring up to 8 (with opportunity to increase up to 24), and regulation up to 8 (with opportunity to increase up to 16) parameters.

Provides the following types of adjustment: 

  • manual (by inserted the necessary value);
  • automatic (the algorithm and value of limits of adjustable parameters are set ). The accuracy of adjustment depends on the given algorithm. 


The main units of the controller are:
  • micro-controller (MC) with analog-digital converter based on pulse-duration modulation (ADC-PDM); 
  • analog-digital converter based on pulse-code modulation (ADC); 
  • nonvolatile RM;
  • interface of sequential standard ports RS-232 and RS-485;
  • interface of control and indication (ICI). Consists of the keyboard (16 keys) and liquid-crystal detector (LCD) with lighting control;
  • analog commutator (AC); 
  • clock with RAM;  
  • attenuator (Att);
  • analog filter and level converter (AFLC); 
  • keys (photon-coupled and transistor).


Interface with central computer  RS 232C or RS 485
- input control signals  0…5 V
- output  control signals (six digit ADC has 64 discrete values of voltage)  0…12 V
Power consumption:   
 - in operation mode, no more than  1 W
 - in STAD BY mode  0,001 W
Measurement accuracy of input signals  0,02 V
Storage time of values of the adjustable parameters   
-independently of power supply, not less than  10 years

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 Power amplifiers are intended for operation in transceiver of repeaters. Provide high reliability, low power consumption, having small dimensions and weight. 

Produced four modifications of amplifiers:  AMP-0,5/1, AMP-0,5/2, AMP-1,0/1, AMP-1,0/2


Type  Operating  frequency range        Output power  at input power 3,5 mW          
AMP-0,5/1  5670...5920 MHz  0,5 W  
AMP-0,5/2  5920...6170 MHz  0,5 W  
AMP-1,0/1  5670...5920 MHz  1,0 W  
AMP-1,0/2  5920...6170 MHz  1,0 W  


Non-uniformity of amplification in bandwidth  ±20 MHz0,3
Supply voltage  minus (24 ± 2,4) V
Consumption current  0,35 A
Operating temperature range  0...550C
Weight   1,2 kg
AMP-0,5/1, AMP-0,5/2  245x65x65 mm
AMP-1,0/1, AMP-1,0/2  245x100x65 mm

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