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We are offering two modification of unit RTCS unit:
  • Unit of RTCS-01, intended for start and control of main aggregates (motors, etc) and test of voltage occurrence on single-phase and three-phase current mains with 380V by the given DTMF code;
  • unit of RTCS-02, intended for DTMF control command transmission to RTCS-01 unit and reception from its information about unit situation.
RTCS-01 and RTCS-02 units give the opportunity to build remote control systems with large number of various electric machines and carry out control of units’ situation on various areas.
Each of  RTCS-01 and RTCS-02 unit operates in a complex with radio station. The radio station can be any type with the opportunity to voice frequency transmission. 
Simultaneously in one network can be functioned up to 9999 units of  RTCS-01 unit, every of which has your unique four-figure number.
The RS232 input gives the opportunity to RTCS-01 and RTCS-02 units add various peripheral devices, including various  types  of data transmission modems
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