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Welcome to the official website of "Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute" CJSC   


The Yerevan Telecommunication Research Institute was founded in 1978 as a branch of Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Radio Communication and is specialized in the field of creation of the means and units of space communication.

Since 1989 up to date it is independent company and carries out the:

·     designing and manufacturing of units and systems of communication, radio-electronic equipments of various application;

·     software.



Today our company develops and realizes radio engineering devices with the expanded spectrum, TV-transmitters, communication equipment for conferences and meetings, SAW devices, hybrid-integrated microassemblies, functional devices and units of communication facilities, control -measuring complexes, advertising-information boards and etc. 

Our Services

Development of difficult mechanical and electronic circuits for various types of communication systems and radio engineering complexes.

Development of software packages of different function.

Communication systems engineering.   

Designing of the multilayer printed-circuit boards by P-CAD.

Designing of products’ cases, mechanical rotating systems and moulds by SolidWorks.

Development of antenna-rotating systems of different function.

Calculation and simulation of electronic equipment thermal modes by Solid Works, LabView and etc.

Design documentation’s development by AutoCAD and Solid Works.

Development and correction of mechanic and electronic techniques.                             


Radio Systems.

Wired and Wireless Communication Facilities. 

Functional Electronic Devices & Units of Communication.

Hybrid-Integrated Functional Microelectronic Devices.

Software-Computing System.

Information Security Systems.

Control Measuring Complexes.

Advertising Information Devices .

ACS TP and Different types of controllers.                                                                               

Training center of YeTRI

Training of specialists in the field of high technologies. 

Radio systems.


СISCO-network academy.

- IT Security.  

Programming Languages (C/C++/C#, PHP/MySQL).

Applied software for designing (AutoCad, P-Cad, SolidWorks, LabView).

Operation systems (Linux, Windows).

Navigation and radiolocation basis.

Management in telecommunications.

Business accounting.