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Calculation and modeling of thermal modes of electronic equipment with application of Solid Works, LabView and other software


 Industrial Automation, Test and Measurements


YeTRI Engineering Services merges unsurpassed mechanical and testing capabilities with exceptional software and electrical engineering skills, to offer a versatile selection of services. We specialize in measuring a large number of variables including

  • Load Forces

  • Pressure

  • Flow

  • Stress and strain

  • Temperature

  • Torque

  • Displacement

  • Acceleration and vibration.

YeTRI provides on-site measurement services. In the field, we measure and solve real-world problems on operating structures, equipment and mechatronic systems. This also includes performing measurement services in client's test facilities.

We will mobilize a team of engineers and technicians with sensors and data-acquisition equipment to other locations, anywhere locally or around the world. In our Test Teams we involve engineers skilled in numerous disciplines, including mechanical, civil, electrical, and software engineering, effectively working with our home office base dexperienced technicians.


List of Services


Test and Measurement

  • Field Measurement

  • Data Acquisition

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Custom Strain Gaging

  • Embedded DAQ and Control Systems

  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

  • Component Test Systems

  • Automotive DAQ systems

  • Electronic Module Test Systems

  • Mechanical Test fixture design

Industrial Automation

  • Machine Control

  • Distributed I/O

  • Motion Control

  • Instrument Control (GPIB. Serial, Ethernet)

  • Process Control Systems


Block Diagram of Transceiver Module


Controlling Blocks Temperature in Range of  40C to 50C

Ambient Temperature T = 50C

  • Cooling Liquid Temperature T=10C


Ambient Temperature T = -32C

  •  Hot Liquid Temperature T=30C


Engineering Simulation


We combine our design and engineering expertise with advanced analysis skills, leading-edge modeling technology, and superior testing capabilities, to offer the most comprehensive suite of product, equipment, systems and process design services available.

The finite element method and computational fluid dynamics is used in virtually every engineering discipline. Finite element analysis is the method of choice for optimizing new designs, predictive performance and evaluating new concepts. In addition, it has been used extensively for accident reconstruction and forensic investigations.


FEA services include

  • Flexible Dynamic Analysis

  • Harmonic Response Analysis

  • Linear Buckling Analysis

  • Modal Analysis

  • Random Vibration Analysis

  • Rigid Dynamic Analysis

  • Shape Optimization Analysis

  • Static Structural Analysis

  • Thermal Stress






Thermal Simulation





CFD services include

  • Flow Visualization

  • Pressure, Temperature and Velocity Field Calculation

  • Internal and External Flow

  • Incompressible and Compressible Flow

  • Steady State and Transient Flow

  • Melting and Solidification

  • Humidity

  • Non-Newtonian Fluids

  • Heat transfer: conduction, convection (natural and forced convection).

  • Radiation


Applications for CFD

  • Flow and temperature distribution on circuit boards

  • Flow around electronic devices, cellular phones and amplifiers

  • Liquid cooling on high power devices

  • Ventilation of a building

  • Air conditioning in a room

  • Heat exchanger

  • Smoke distribution

  • Water management