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Sensitive Hydrogen Sensor 


 We are offering the thin-film high-speed hydrogen sensors, operated at low operating temperature


  • high sensitivity and selectivity to hydrogen gas;
  • low operating temperature;
  • low power consumption;
  • fast response and recovery times;
  • continuous time of stabile operation at  up 0 to 98% humidity.

 Fields of application 

Automated systems for explosion prevention.

Control of space power generating system.

Safety systems for automobiles working by hydrogen fuels.

Fuel cells.

Explosibility monitoring of powerful electric accumulators and oscillators for leak coolant detection.

Monitoring systems of  flow processes and detectors of hydrogen leak.

Smoke’s multisensory detector.

Electron pumps.



Hydrogen definition range50...40000ppm
Sensitivity at 1000ppm H2 103 
Power consumption of heater120mW 
Heater voltage3,5V
Supply voltage of sensor1...5V 
Resistance of the heater at 20оС  temperature 75Ohm
Response time at 100ppm H2  1...2 s 
Operating temperature130оС 

The given product is developed together with the Center of semiconductor devices and nanotechnologies of the Yerevan State University





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We are offering the "Terminator" device which gives the opportunity calling to urban telephone network through the Internet.

Application of  terminator  reduces charges of trunk calls. 

On the front panel of the terminator are separate connectors for connection of the phone and urban telephone network.

The software is installed on the PC of the subscriber, whence the call is carried out.

Terminator is connected to: 

  • urban telephone network;
  • telephone of accepted subscriber;
  • PC through USB port;
  • sound card by «Speak» and «Mic» connectors. 
Supply voltage(~220±10%) V 
Power consumption, no more than10W
Connection to PCUSB port 
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GSM gateway provides a direct connection of a corporate phone system with GSM network that cut down expensies charges on a mobile connection (usually in the companies) and gives the saving rate.

Two SIM cards of communication statements with as much as possible favorable tariff plan are installed in a GSM gateway. Wereupon the GSM gateway starts operate as mobile phone of GSM network connected to a stationary network. The network administrator includes in the list of telephone numbers of employees who should have access to the gateway. All stationary and mobile subscribers of such network can make out coming calls at the lower cost.
The GSM gateway has also PBX trunk.

For reception of GSM signal from the base station the external antenna is connected to a matching connector on the front panel of the gateway case.

It is possibly to connect 4 and more SIM cards on the customer's request . 





Supply voltage220V
Current at pick up30mA
Voltage at hang up48V
Power consumption, no more than50 W
Other parameters of GSM gateway correspond to the GSM standards. 

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 The LSCS is intended for maintenance of simplex loud-speaking communication between the removed from each other systems. 

Communication between equipment LSCS is carried out in any combination by two-wire and four-wire lines or phone channels of automatic telephone exchange (ATE). 

It is one of components of operatively-technological communication system and can be used everywhere, where there is a necessity of people communication, connected by a uniform technological chain: in the industrial enterprises, in administration building, station and entertaining complexes, offices and etc. 

Two modifications of the loud-speaking equipment are produced: 

  • LSCS-1, used at a single-channel two-side loud speaking communication


 LSCS-8 –equipment providing 8 channel loud speaking communication 


LSCS provides: 

  • Transmission from built-in or external noise-resistant microphones with the indicating lamp for transmission mode turning on;
  • Transmission reception on the built- in loudspeaker of the device and/or an external active loudspeaker with the possibility of loudness level control. Information reception is made at the released button or talk-listen button;
  • Automatic transition on DC supply (accumulator) with the 12V voltage at switching-off of AC network;

 LSCS - 8 has conference communication mode between channels. 


Operating band of receiving and transmitting amplifiers 300...3400 Hz 
Output power of receiving amplifier 1 W 

Power consumption from network no more than

one channel  3 W
8 channels   6 W


Supply voltage of AC source 220 V 
Supply voltage from DC source 12 V 
Output voltage of transmitting amplifier 
1,1 V 
Active resistance of connecting line no more than 
600 Ohm
Operating mode round-the clock 

Overall dimensions:

LSCS-1  150x148x70mm
LSCS-8 280x1165x80mm


Mass no more than:   

LSCS-1  1 kg
LSCS-8  kg

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Digital Radio-Modem RM-D



The RM-D provides transmission and reception of the digital information on the radio channel in UHF range.

The radio modem uses the external protocol of data exchange on RS-232 interface for data exchange.

Has the built-in specialized transceiver.

The indicator of receiving power that gives the opportunity to carry out adjustment of the antenna without special equipment is installed on the RM-D panel.


  The distance between information interchange points depends on type of antennas and length of the cables connecting the RM-D with antenna.

It is used in electrical power engineering; in meteo, gas, seismic services; water supply; at management of industrial devices.

The system of the communication and data exchange organization includes:
- digital radio modem........................................2 pcs.
      - antenna......................................................... 2 pcs.
      - cable connecting antenna with
RM-D .............2 pcs.


Digital Radio-Modem RM-D



Central working frequency (433±50ppm) MHz
Working frequency range0...65 kHz
Supply voltage from direct current12±2 V
Transmitter output power P-1dB, no less than 25...37 dBm
Digital flow velocity no more 2 kbaud
Type of digital information security CRC 16
Sensitivity of receiver at BER 10-3, no more minus 100 dBm
Communication two-way alternate
Modulation FSK
Output/ input signals type ТTL
Galvanic isolation between output and input 5000 V
Overall dimensions 200–75–30 mm
Weight without antenna no more 750 g


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