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Inclinometer “МаrkEl 2-01” intended for high-precision measuring of angle of inclination in two axis.
It operates both autonomous and as a part of automatic control systems.

Inclinometers with an electric output signal, in proportion to an angle of inclination, are comparative new equipments produced for wide industrial application.

Its high accuracy, small sizes, absence of the mobile mechanical parts and simplicity of strengthening on object do expedient use its not only as sensor of roll but also to change by them angular sensors, and not only on stationary, but also on mobile objects.

 Fields s of application: 

  • Long-time definition of position’s changes of various high-rise buildings, dams, use in systems of platforms’ horizontalizing, definition of deflections and deformation values of different supports and blocks;
  • Control of slope angles of mobile roads and railways at its building, repair and maintenance; 
  • Definition of cars’ roll, road graders and asphalt pavers, cranes, excavating and agricultural machines;
  • Use in robots, machines and printing presses for control of the mechanism position, cutting element or printing presses rolling.
  • Use in the alarm and acoustic control systems.



Has a linear dependence of output signal from an angle slope in one - so-called working plane and practically does not change the values in other (non-working) plane, thus its signal weakly dependent on temperature change.
For definition of a plane position in space is used two located under 90 ° angle to each other inclinometers.



Range of a measured slope  ±5°
Threshold of sensitivity  0, 001°
Linearity from a full scale  ± 0,25... 0,75 %
Repetition “0”  0,02°-0,03°
Error at lateral tilt up to 45°  ±1%
Equipment time constant  0,1 sec
Bandwidth (-3dB)  0...3 Hz
Temperature coefficient“0”  0,015% / °С
Temperature coefficient of  slope  characteristic   0,04% / °С
Operating  temperature range  minus 40 ... +60°С
Overall dimension  100x80x80mm
Weight  1,5kg
Coupling with PC  RS232
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The timer is made on basis of electromechanical clock. it is made on base of electromechanical clock and provides automatic switching off at given time.

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Jammer  “JAM” is intended for blocking (suppression) of the signals in 890....960 MHz and 1710...1880 MHz frequency ranges. At device switching on all cell phones which are in this range beginning operates in  searching mode.

It is recommended to apply:

  • in conference halls;
  • in theatres, libraries, cinemas, churches, temples, in hospitals;
  • on the territory of special objects;
  • at schools and institutes of higher education;
  • for security services (antiterrorism, blocking of listening in, "bugs" in the given range). 

The system has 2 independent radiofrequency sections with two direct antennas of both GSM ranges.

The following modifications   are suggested:

JAM- Out  - operating out-of-doors. In this case the level of output power is not adjustable.

JAM- In  - operating in-doors. In this modification the level of output signal on each channel is stipulated.

JAM  P  - low-power pocket.

Delivery set: 

Unit of cell phones signal supression  1 pc  
Antennas for two GSM range  2 pcs  
Fastening set and cables  2 pcs  
Passport, technical specification and user’s manual  


Maximum output power in each range: 
JAM Out-4  4W
JAM Out-10  10W
JAM In-100  Up to 100 mW
JAM In-500  Up to 500 mW
JAM In-1000  Up to 1000 mW
JAM P  5 mW

Range of cellular signal suppression, m  
JAM Out-4  Up to 50
JAM Out-10  Up to 100
JAM In-100  Up to 10
JAM In-500  Up to 15
JAM In-1000  Up to 30
JAM P  Up to 5

Supply voltage, V  
JAM Out, JAM In(from AC)  220
JAM P(self-contained)  9

Supply voltage, V 
Channels number  2
Operating time  is not limited

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 The light's auto-cutout is intended for switching ON and auto-cutout of illuminators in rooms where  lighting is not necessary: entrances, holding allays and barns of apartments and offices. 

The auto cutout is carried out after definitive time, which will be given on the customer's request.

Using of auto cutout allows to decrease annual power consumption of one holding allay of the five-storey house on 2000 kW/h and increase life time of illuminators in 6 times.

Number of switches is unlimited.



Supply voltage  190...250V
Max.power commutation 150W
Power consumption, no more than  1W
Max. delay time  5min
Weight 220g
Dimensions 120x85x70mm

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We are offering the street clock, which can be mounted on towers (tower clock), facades of buildings (facade clock), columns and constructions of information indicators (advertising street clock).
It is very important for public information.
The company logo of the customer can be used at external designing of advertising street clock. We can offers also autonomous street clock on a rotating advertising curbstone that is the important element for attracting of passerby attention to advertising production.
Clock consists of two devices - the electronic block and mechanism of clock with a dial and pointers.

We are offering two variants of devices’ arrangement: 

  • the control unit, from which are carried out all installations and adjusting, are located in a room of operator or in one case with clock.
  • the control is carried out by the computer, in this case arrows of clock are automatically adjusted in conformity with indications a real-time on the block or computer - server, i.e. after  restart the clock automatically are adjusted for current time.

The clock can provides internal or external illumination.

 Our company already has realized interesting projects of unique facade and tower clocks.

 1.  Clock is mounted on the central tower of Yerevan municipality building Diameter of a dial is 6 meters.

2.  It is facade clock on the «Triumphantly House” building facade near to building of Artashat municipality.  Diameter of a dial is 2 meters.

 3.   Clock is installed on the “Sherlock Holmes” restaurant building at a crossroads of Baghramyan and Proshyan streets in Yerevan. Time displaying of all clocks is hours, minutes. Operating temperature range is minus 40... +50°С.

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