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We offer small-sized broadband antenna for mobile communication, which operates on two GSM 900/1800 standard ranges.

It is a cylinder with 50 mm diameter and 120 mm height.

It operates both in composition of repeater for mobile communication and in composition of transmitter of the base station of operator’s mobile communication.

The antenna is easily at installation and does not demand adjustment.

Type of connector is on the customer’s order. 



Operating frequency range 880...960 MHz 1710...1870 MHz 
VSWR , no more than 1,41,6 
Gain factor 2,4  dB2,6  dB 
Input   impedance  50 Ohm 
Maximum  radiating power   20 W 
Weight, no more than 100g 
Polarization  linear vertical 
Directional pattern of antenna in horizontal  plane  circular 

It is possible to increase gain factor in twice at the expense of cylinder’s height increasing. 

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