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Publications - Publications

Automatic planar antenna near-field measurements in the short millimeter waveband

V.H. Avetisyan

Radiotechnika, - 2007, - №2

 The choice of motion drivers of carriers and of their positional   transducers is discussed. With the account of the made choice an automatic control circuit for near-field measurements of antenna under test is offered.

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Publications - Publications

 The estimation of basic initial parameters of radio-systems for antenna near-field measurements 

V.H. Avetisyan 

Radiotechnika, - 2006, - №9, - p.27-29 (in Russian)

The expressions allowing to estimate a signal maximal attenuation on "probe-antenna under test" segment and a signal maximal frequency bandwidth are obtained; at that process requiring apriori information about antenna under test is insignificant.
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Publications - Publications

The complex near-field antenna radio-measurements in the short millimeter waveband. Radio-system calculation  

M.V. Markosyan, V.H. Avetisyan

 Radiotechnika, - 2007, - №5

 Requirements on parameters of basic units of radio-systems intended for complex near-field measurements of short millimeter waveband antennas are determined. It is shown that the requirements on those parameters correspond to a level of modern developments and the achieving of short millimeter waveband antenna complex field measurement accuracies comparable with centimeter waveband antenna analogical accuracies is possible.

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